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Our Story

Established in 2014 by a single founder, 6D witnessed a significant milestone four years later when additional leadership joined the team with a specific focus on business expansion and succession. As we continue to grow, we remain dedicated to serving both public and private sector clients. Our overarching objective is to not only contribute to the industry, but to leave it better than we found it.
Over the past decade, we've experienced exponential growth in both size and capability. Today, we handle projects and programs across various markets in the public and private sectors, including education, justice, civic, and healthcare segments. Our expertise spans exceptional program, project, and construction management, bolstered by the support of our executive leadership and a core team of project managers, construction managers, and project controls specialists. Our commitment to excellence resonates throughout every facet of our organization. 6D is a team of diverse, talented, and hardworking project and construction management professionals dedicated to success for our projects, our clients, and one another. We prioritize our team's well-being, ensuring they are supported by our own policies and culture, and equipped with the resources necessary to excel for our clients.

Market Segments






6D leadership is not just a position but a collaborative force driving culture and success. Our unique leadership model—Co-CEO/Presidents, is a dynamic duo at the forefront of our strategic vision and operational excellence. Together, they foster a culture of collaboration, generosity, and inclusivity. This dual role not only streamlines decision-making but also fosters a cohesive and agile organizational culture. Their joint leadership reinforces our commitment to diversity and exemplifies the power of unified decision-making.

Our Co-CEO/Presidents, Teri Cruz and Karl Schultz, are visionary leaders who, together, form a powerhouse steering our organization towards unprecedented heights. With a shared commitment to excellence, they bring complementary skills and diverse perspectives that synergize to create a robust leadership framework. The seamless integration of their leadership styles chart the course for 6D’s future.

Giving Back

At 6D, giving back is not just a commitment; it's ingrained in our identity. We believe in the far-reaching impact that transcends mere business transactions. Our unwavering dedication to meaningful contributions defines our commitment to the communities we serve. Driven by our core values, we actively strive for positive change through philanthropic initiatives and community partnerships.

In addition to supporting organizations such as CMAA, Women in Construction, and Alameda County’s Woman’s Hall of Fame, we extend our reach to local food banks in Sacramento and Alameda Counties. At 6D, we go beyond industry support—we actively participate in initiatives like the CREATE student mentoring program, exemplifying our dedication to giving back and nurturing the future leaders in the construction and project management fields. Join us on this impactful journey where our actions speak louder than words, and our commitment to community and industry growth is unwavering.

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